At Tecnico Coaching, we believe that the key aspects of football require TECHNIQUE. We also believe that you are not born a technically gifted football player. All of the key aspects can be improved through dedication, hard work, practice and good coaching.

The Tecnico Approach

The approaches are the same for each age band and ability. The complexity of the sessions and practices will differ but players will understand how to perform a range of techniques appropriate to football and will continue to perfect a range of techniques (opposed and at speed) also they will understand the importance of decision making within game related practices and understand the importance of tactics and strategies.

Developing Quick Feet:

A quick foot refers to a player’s ability to be comfortable with the ball at their feet – Mastering the ball. The element will encourage players to manipulate the ball so they experience feeling the ball with all surfaces of the foot and ball control.

It is important that the first core element is the foundation of a high quality programme. If a player is unable to have control of the ball, they will not be able to move on to the other core elements.

The coaches at Tecnico will break down the manipulation techniques to ensure players understand how to perform them correctly. Once the players understand how to perform the technique, they can practice with both feet and they can practice combinations and performing the techniques at speed. This will help the players in game situations.

The ABC + S refer to Agility, Balance, Co-ordination and Speed. These are important components within football. They can help a player perform a variety of skills and techniques.

The coaches at Tecnico realise the importance of educating players and laying the foundations of a players ABC + S. The complexity of the ABC + S practices is dependent on the age and ability of the players. Many Tecnico sessions and practices incorporate the ABC + S as we realise how important it is to develop and maintain a high level of agility, balance, co-ordination and speed.

Players will know the importance of:
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  • Practicing the techniques constantly
  • Use all surfaces of the foot
  • Combine techniques
  • Breaking down the techniques
  • Working on agility, balance, co-ordination and speed and how they relate to football
  • Perform the techniques with both feet and at speed
  • Protecting the ball from opponents
  • End product
  • Controlling the ball from varying heights and angles
  • Keeping the ball moving at all times