Our Approach

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Our Approach

The Approach


Tecnico Coaching exists to give every child the very best start in football we believe that a player’s technique and technical development is the most important aspect of football. Every skill or component in football requires a great deal of technique. We believe that football should be played by creative players who are able to execute the technical aspects of the game with ease and consistency. We believe that players should have the tools and experiences required to make the correct decisions and take responsibility in games thus helping them to stand out from the other players. Only hard work, effort, determination and practice will help players to improve, and we are very confident of producing excellent footballers regardless of experience alongside high quality coaching. All we ask for is an excellent attitude from all players to their training sessions.


At Tecnico Coaching we follow a simple HOW, WHERE, WHEN method. This is a logical order by which players are able to develop and fulfil their potential.

The HOW process breaks down the technique and teaches the players how to execute the technique with both feet – unopposed and under pressure.

The WHERE process starts to teach the players where certain techniques and skills can and should be performed. Players should begin to understand the importance of decision making and the factors that may aid or hinder the decision making process. This process encourages players to ‘scan’/ take a picture of play whilst or before they receive the ball. This gives the player more time to make a decision.

The WHEN process has a focus on when to execute the relevant technique or skill. Players will understand how making the right decision in games can take them from a good player to an excellent player. This process encourages the player to take responsibility for their decisions. When do I pass? When do I shoot? When do I move to create space for a team mate? With the help of the coach, players will find the answers to these questions.

All 3 stages of the method are just as important as the other.


The FA have an aim “To produce technically excellent and innovative players”. Tecnico has the philosophy, belief, an innovative programme that has been built over many years of coaching.

What do we mean?

We would argue that in England we have some very good players, but do we have great players? Players who are comfortable on the ball in all situations? Players who can unlock a defence with one pass? Players who can win the ball in defence and use it creatively higher up the pitch? Players who are willing to trust their team mates in tight situations? Players who take responsibility on the pitch?

At present, we do not have players who are able to do all of the above. This is due to lack of emphasis on technique from an early age at a grass roots level. At Tecnico Coaching we aim to ’equip’ our players with the tools required to be a technically excellent, innovative, creative and responsible player.

Our Coaching sessions aim to give the highest standard of coaching with small class ratio’s so every child gets the best out of every session. We believe in Nurture not Nature and quality over quantity to help every child to play at their highest level. With our coaching expertise your child gets the best in coaching standards and value, you will see results in a very short period of time, whatever your child’s standard of play.

We use the game of Futsal as a development tool for the very young footballers to develop fast feet and excellent technical and tactical awareness. Many of the top world class footballers played Futsal in their youth and credit the game for their footballing development; players of the calibre of Pele, Zico, Ronaldinho, Kaka, Lionel Messi to name but a few of the South American legends all played and enjoyed Futsal. Futsal has not just helped produce South American football stars, on the European stage Cristiano Ronaldo, Deco, Xavi, Iniesta, Zidane and Fabregas are amongst many others that have played Futsal to develop their skills, by spending more time with the ball and achieving technical competence before moving onto the physical and tactical side of the game. We believe a child first has to become a good person before becoming a good player.


Enabling the players to execute the various techniques and skills involved in football – unopposed and under pressure (game situations). Players will have the ability to perform the techniques with both feet to ensure they are ready for any given situation on the pitch.


Players will use their imagination to outwit their opponents. This may be a trick to beat an opponent in a 1 v 1 situation. It may be a player putting their own spin on an existing skill.


Players will have the ability to produce the pass, dribble or movement that creates a goal scoring opportunity. Players will develop ideas to break down a defence or attack. Creativity relates nicely to ‘Decision Making’. Players must have the ability to make decisions during the game. It is the decision making process that separates the good players from the excellent and World Class players


Taking responsibility on the pitch is an important aspect of football. A responsible player takes ‘responsibility’ for the actions they take. Team mates ‘trust’ them to make the correct decisions.

With our training approach at Tecnico Coaching it will give players in time superb technical ability. We expect many Tecnico players to stand out and be noticed by professional clubs academies, who realise the good standard of footballers we are producing at Tecnico as we want every player to compete at the highest level.

“Everything is Practice”