Holiday Courses for Boys & Girls Aged 5 to 12+

These are without doubt one of our most popular holiday events we run. These courses are designed with fun at heart, partnered with the opportunity to practice & develop an array of football techniques through practical drills, exercises & game situations. Small sided games constructed into a World Cup tournament, creating an exciting & enjoyable theme for every course. Football related competitions & energetic games run throughout each course, providing opportunities for players to win awards and prizes with other fun related games.

£10 per day

To book individual days please contact 01489 896 867 / 07979 803 484

Our courses offer great value for money. We have inexpensive and affordable prices to accommodate all hard working parents. Tecnico Coaching offer quality with superb value for money from a little as £2 per hour!

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Players are split into age/ability groups and work within our specifically designed curriculum. Players do not have to stay in the same group all day/week. Players can be moved between groups to make sure they get the most enjoyment out of their experience at Tecnico Coaching. All movements between groups are on the recommendation from their coach and will be monitored.

To gain the most from the course, players need to stay focussed, work and try hard to meet every challenge with enthusiasm and endeavour. If the players can do this, they will almost be assured of finishing the course a better player than they started on the first day and above all have lots of fun and social interaction with other players.


Venue and Dates

Scroll down the list of courses, click on the month/period and then the venue to find out more information. If you wish to book a place, click the Book button to use the booking system.

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Booking Procedures

Tecnico Coaching are taking bookings online, by phone and by email. We always send an initial email to parents who have previously used our courses so they have a bit more time to reserve/book their place/s. Leaflets usually go out 4-6 weeks prior to the start of the course.

We need parents to fill out one of our Child Attendance Forms for each child so we have details of them when they attend our course. If you haven’t already filled one in you can do so when you arrive at the course.


Payments Procedures

Payments are made at the time of booking using the online booking system or by telephone 01489 896 867 / 07979 803 484 for Debit card payments (No Extra Charge) Credit cards payments (£2.50 charge)

You will receive an email confirming your booking.

By following these steps
It allows the coaches to focus on managing the children rather than dealing with payments etc.
It will allow us to send the parents a confirmation letter prior to the course.
It allows us to get our administration completed prior to the start of the course.


Booking Terms and Conditions

A) All fees payable in advance & are non-refundable on booking.
(B) Tecnico Coaching is not and will not accept responsibility or liability to any loss or damage to personal belongings or effects.
(C) Tecnico Coaching reserves the right to exclude any child for non-payment of this course and whose behaviour is deemed inappropriate or disruptive to the course.
(D) Tecnico Coaching reserve the right to cancel any course, in this event a refund will be given to those booked.


Arrivals and Departures – Signing In & Out

Each morning our team have a huge amount of preparation to undertake including checking registers, setting up pitches, goals and much more so we would appreciate if you could stick to our drop off times from 9:30am for registration at 10.00am and pick up time at 3.00pm prompt.

In exceptional circumstances we will of course do our best to help if you need to sign your child in earlier than usual however we must ensure that we are prepared for the day ahead as a priority.

Each child will need to be signed in and out each day, and times for both should be recorded. This will allow us to accurately determine how many children we have at any time during the day in case of emergencies etc. and will also allow us to follow our guide for Good Practice.


What to Bring

Here are some reminders of what they will need to wear:

Training kit:
Suitable clothing for the weather conditions and playing surface which may include, T-shirt, sweat top, shorts, socks and it may include a tracksuit.

Warm, waterproof clothing/jacket and towel in the event of inclement weather
For your own peace of mind, please make sure any personal equipment is clearly labeled.

Appropriate footwear
We recommend football boots (studs or moulds) and Trainers for all sports.

Shin Pads
Shin pads are compulsory (must be worn) for each child. Without shin pads, your child will not be able to take part in game situations.

Goalkeepers Gloves
If your child is a goalkeeper, or is booked on to a goalkeeping course, then it is compulsory to bring goalkeeping gloves. We will not be able to provide these at our courses.

Sun protection
Please bring sun hats/caps to all sunny and warm weather courses as participants will be out in the sun for a few hours each day. (please note we cannot administer sun block)

Water/ Refreshments
Please bring a Named drinks bottle for breaks (Plastic bottles only) as children will have regular drink/rest periods. NON-FIZZY DRINKS, Water bottles can be refilled at the venue as it is important to ensure that your child stays well hydrated.


Snack & Lunch Breaks

All groups will have a break for a snack mid-morning. We recommend that parents use Insulated Lunch Boxes for packing items such as Yoghurts and Cheese with Healthy food. This is important for your child to maintain good energy levels so please bear this in mind when packing for the mid-morning snack break and lunchtime.

As a parent you have packed their lunch based on what you would like them to eat.
Some people may have allergies so it is important that you child is informed not to swap

“No swapping/sharing lunch with others”



Tecnico Coaching would like permission to use photographs or videos of your child from the training for the use of promoting our holiday courses through advertising and on the website.

Please let Tecnico Coaching know if you DO NOT GRANT permission for photo images to be used.


Medical Procedures

Please provide any relevant medical conditions injuries or illnesses that we need to be aware of as well as treatment options during worst case scenarios.

All these details will be available for the staff to view so they are aware of any children with medical conditions. If your child’s medical conditions change after registration please contact Tecnico Coaching as soon as possible so we can amend their details.

If your child requires any medication whilst in our care you must complete a Medication form and give it to the Course Co-ordinator when registering your child. The Course Co-ordinator will store the medication in a safe place and submit it at the requested time.

If your child requires any form of medication, we will need to record times that their medication is administered.

We will also need to have a signed declaration that your child can self-administer their medication. If you require us to help with the administering of their medication we will require written consent.

All medical information is confidential and attention will not be drawn to the condition. Where necessary, details will only be passed to the group coach for safety purposes.

On all Tecnico Coaching courses there will always be a first aid trained coaches on site.



Whilst there is always an emphasis on fun on our holiday courses, the sessions will be more enjoyable for all concerned if an appropriate level of discipline is maintained.

We aim to meet the personal, social and emotional needs of children by providing clear, consistent and developmentally appropriate expectations for behaviour.

We expect parents to inform us if your child has any potential behavioural issues that may arise whilst on the course. Please be aware of the expected behaviour when your child attends the course.

We would expect you to support action taken by staff to encourage good behaviour.

Tecnico Coaching intends to

  • Encourage co-operative and caring behaviour at all times
  • Support children to develop a sense of respect for one another
  • Develop children’s social skills and support children to acknowledge what is acceptable behaviour.
  • Develop children’s self-esteem, self-discipline and confidence.
  • Acknowledge considerate behaviour.
  • Practice positive reinforcement.
  • Encourage children to resolve conflict.
  • Support children to recognise and understand emotions
  • Support children to understand and acknowledge inappropriate behaviour
  • Use appropriate strategies for managing behaviour.
  • Record incidents of inappropriate behaviour and liaise with parents where necessary.

Behaviour Expectations of Children

  • Show respect for all children on the course, treating them as they would wish to be treated
  • Swearing, abusive and hurtful language is not acceptable. Aggressive behaviour or violence will not be tolerated.
  • Show respect for all personal property and the facilities
  • Show respect for all staff. When we are talking, you should be listening. Be ready to follow instructions or rules of the games given by the coaching staff.
  • One child’s behaviour will not be allowed to endanger other children in the group by absorbing or distracting the supervising staff

How we will deal with Behaviour issues

  • Initially the group coach will try to deal with the situation, in a clear, calm and positive manner, to support children to reconcile conflict by talking about behaviour and what is unacceptable and acceptable
  • If unsuccessful, the course co-ordinator will try to deal with the situation, the child could sit out of the activity for a set period of time while the boundaries of behaviour are reiterated.
  • If unacceptable behaviour continues the parent/carer will be involved. If the parent/carer does not come to collect the child, a note will be given to them requesting that the parent/carer sees the manager in the morning.
  • If unsuccessful, the Head co-ordinator will as a last resort consider suspending the child after consultation with our office and child welfare officer.


Contacting parents or carers

Parents will be contacted under the following circumstances:
Serious injury, such as a broken or suspected broken bone
If the child is unable to participate due to serious illness or a toilet accident
If a child is seriously upset about being on the course.
After a bang to the head that may result in concussion or a chipped tooth.
Any situation resulting in a hospital visit
Contacting parents or carers
Serious behaviour problem
If the child is found not to have food/drink


Sick child policy

Parents/carers are responsible for determining their child’s ability to actively participate in the daily activities. While we sympathise with the needs of each parent and their child, we must provide a healthy environment for everyone on the course. A sick child often needs one-on-one attention and it is difficult for our coaches to take the necessary time away from activities.

If you are unsure on if your child is well enough to participate please call 01489 896 867 before attending the course.



The safety and welfare of your child is of paramount importance when you choose for them to attend one of our courses. From the minute they arrive on-site, we roll-out a number of carefully designed processes built up through our years of experience to ensure that they will be comprehensively looked after during their day (s) with us.

We always ask the children to “Think safety and be sensible” for themselves and others. They are briefed on safety aspects and of any areas that they are using. At all times our coaches are assessing anything that may prove to be a risk by either moving or eliminating the problem, or making the children aware of it.

We also review the rules of the course to ensure your child understands what is expected of them during their day(s) with us. We do everything possible to ensure their safety and security to ensure we meet their supervision and safety guidelines for working with children.



Each day, throughout the week, the Tecnico coaches will be looking out for children who do something which warrants a certificate and providing opportunities to win awards and prizes with other fun related games. Things we look for include good sportsmanship, good team work, helping others, good sports performance etc. We always do our best to make sure every child receives at least one certificate by the end of their time with us.

During our award ceremonies we also award four trophies which are the Most improved award, Player of the week, Star of the week and the ultimate trophy which is the Fair Play award. Here is how they are awarded.

The ‘Fair Play’ Award: This is our ultimate trophy and is awarded to a child who shows great sportsmanship, honesty, teamwork, helping others and playing well.

The ‘Player of the Week’ Award: The player of the week award is for a child that has excelled in our games and matches and has demonstrated a number of the values shown above. To win the Player of the week trophy the child must play well individually and in a team, be honest and help others.

The ‘Most Improved Player of the Week’ Award: Is awarded to a child who has shown progress throughout the week. We always aim to allow the children to develop their skills as well as play games, and it is important for us to see that they are listening to instructions and developing.

The Star of the Week Award: Goes to a child who has entertained the coaching staff and other children and shown great character!



All of our coaches work in schools and are experienced and enjoy working with children. They hold FA coaching certificates, a full CRC check and First Aid qualified. They provide Curriculum time PE and are therefore experienced in covering the majority of mainstream sports. The Head Coaches will have a minimum of a Level 2 Qualification in a National Governing Body Sports Coaching Award.


Equal Opportunities

At Tecnico Coaching Holiday courses we welcome children of all religious beliefs, faiths, cultures and abilities and believe that each child attending the camp is of equal value.

The activities we run strive to provide equal opportunities for all children whatever their race, religion, language, culture, gender, health, disability, personality or lifestyle.

Education and understanding of other people’s needs and backgrounds will be fostered to promote positive behaviour and attitudes. Discriminating behaviour, attitudes and comments will be challenged, regardless of whether they are from children, staff or parent/carers.


Lost Property

Whilst we do our best to ensure that the children go home with ALL of their coats, tops, boots/training shoes, lunch boxes and bottles, we still often have some left over.

On the last day we ask all children to pack all of their possessions into their bags.

Before they sign out, the area used as the base will be checked and everything left over can be passed onto them before they leave. In the instance of property being left we will email parents to let them know details so that a claim can be made.

Please label or mark all items to make it easier for a safe return!


Cancellation Policy

All fees are payable in advance. If you are wishing to cancel your booking with us we require 14 days’ notice for you to receive a full refund. After this period we regret that no refund will be possible.


Concerns & Complaints Policy

Tecnico Coaching is committed to providing a safe, stimulating environment ensuring a consistent and accessible service that meets the needs of the children attending.

We welcome suggestions on how to improve our courses and we will give prompt and serious attention to any concerns about the running of the courses.

If there comes a time when you have concerns or are not happy with the service we are providing then you are within your rights to make a complaint. Below I have highlighted the steps that would be involved, and how we will deal with each complaint:

To help us to achieve that outcome the following procedure is to be followed.

Stage 1
Any parent /carer who is concerned about any aspect of the Childcare provision talks over, first of all his/her worries and anxieties with:
a) The child’s Sports Coach
b) The Holiday Course Co-ordinator
It is the hope that all issues will reach a satisfactory conclusion for all concerned and most complaints should be resolved informally at this stage.

Stage 2
The procedure will be fully recorded.

If this does not have a satisfactory outcome, or if the problem recurs, the parent/carer moves on by making a formal complaint in writing to Tecnico Coaching who will fully investigate the complaint. The complainant can expect a written reply in acknowledgement of receipt of the complaint, as well as some indication of how and when the complaint will be addressed within 5 working days.



A parent will need to put their complaint in writing or by email and send it through to

Tecnico Coaching must keep records of the following and retain them for a period of two years:

  • The name, home address and date of birth of each child who attends
  • The name, home address and telephone number of a parent of each child who attends
  • A daily record of the names of the children attending and the hours attended

Tecnico Coaching must also keep records of the following and retain them for a period of two years:

  • Accidents which involve the children and occur on the premises
  • Any medicine administered to any child, including the date, circumstances, and who administered it.

The Data Protection Act controls how your personal information is used by Tecnico Coaching. Tecnico Coaching follow strict rules called ‘data protection principles’ which we make sure the information is:

used fairly and lawfully
used for limited, specifically stated purposes
used in a way that is adequate, relevant and not excessive
kept for no longer than is absolutely necessary
handled according to people’s data protection rights