INTRODUCTION – Developing the art of goalkeeping.

The goalkeeper plays a highly specialized position and requires a unique skill-set different from the outfield players. There are four (4) areas of concentration for goalkeepers to master in order to excel in the position. They must be proficient technically, tactically, physically, and psychologically.

With any specialized position, the techniques and requirements of the role necessitate the need for bespoke development within SMALL Groups delivered by professional coaches from Tecnico Coaching as being ‘the’ place to go if you want the best training and development for the position and to give every keeper a better understanding of their role as a goalkeeper not only as an individual but also within the team itself.

The Tecnico Coaching approach outlines what the expected goals are for specific age groups and aim to give every keeper the opportunity to participate in exciting, high tempo, structured drills specifically designed to the keeper’s age and ability level.

Goalkeeping Topics that will be covered throughout the season are:

  • Speed/Agility & Balance
  • Conditioning
  • Ball Familiarity
  • Positioning
  • Handling
  • Punching
  • The High Cross
  • The Low Cross
  • Distribution-Throwing & Kicking
  • The Back Pass
  • Diving
  • Shot-stopping
  • Communication.
  • Organising the Defence
  • One on one situations
  • Set up for Set-Play


At Tecnico Coaching we follow a simple HOW, WHERE, WHEN method. This is a logical order by which goalkeepers are able to develop and fulfil their potential.

The HOW process breaks down the technique and teaches the goalkeepers how to execute the technique – unopposed and under pressure.

The WHERE process starts to teach the goalkeepers where certain techniques and skills can and should be performed. Goalkeepers should begin to understand the importance of decision making and the factors that may aid or hinder the decision making process. This process encourages goalkeepers to ‘scan’/ take a picture of play whilst or before they receive the ball. This gives the goalkeepers more time to make a decision.

The WHEN process has a focus on when to execute the relevant technique or skill. Goalkeepers will understand how making the right decision in games can take them from a good player to an excellent player. This process encourages the goalkeeper to take responsibility for their decisions with the help of the coach, goalkeepers will find the answers to these questions.

All 3 stages of the method are just as important as the other.


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