Tecnico Coaching provide school services, football development sessions and a partnership with a local football club and take great pride that we can provide the very best start for the children of our community an opportunity to learn with practice, self-confidence, teamwork, commitment, leadership skills, sportsmanship, fun and social inclusion in a competitive environment.

Your sponsorship will be associated with  our player development programme that is culturally inclusive, community-minded and environmentally aware, and which takes seriously its responsibility to help develop young people to their full potential both physically and socially.

Aim and Objectives

  • To promote the enjoyment of football and enhance the football skills development with sense of community of all players and supporters through the arrangement of training,  matches
  • and social activities through our partnership with Botley Village F.C.
  • Provide for the local and wider community a continuing provision for the enjoyment of training and playing football in an organised fashion.
  • To establish a sustainable and successful long-term football club partnership within Botley Village F.C. and surrounding communities.

Opportunities & Benefits for Sponsors

By becoming a sponsor of Tecnico Coaching you will be helping an organised coaching programme, your sponsorship will be associated with a family run coaching organisation that is culturally inclusive, community-minded and environmentally aware, and which takes seriously its responsibility to help develop young people to their full potential both physically and socially.

  • Relationship with one of the best coaching organisations catering for football
  • Featured logos on playing, training strips and other equipment as appropriate and permitted under the laws of the game.
  • The Tecnico Coaching website recognition – listing, link, logo & contact details.
  • Social media recognition via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Invitation to club functions and other activities

 By becoming a sponsor of one of Botley Village F.C’s many teams you will be helping to:

  • Build links between business and the community
  • Enhance your business image
  • Increase local awareness of your business
  • Build goodwill among the community and other local business
  • Advertise your business image
  • Satisfaction that your sponsorship is helping the youth in their football development

Academy Sponsor

Agreed Package:             Minimum:  £2,500                        Period: One Year

Having the Naming Rights to the Academy and putting your company’s name on our training kit is another great way of raising your brand profile. This is a great way to promote awareness of your brand with the brightest young stars in their training kit and will engage high numbers of young people interested in sports as a lifestyle, with your company and its products and services.

Development Centre Sponsor

Agreed Package:             Minimum:  £300                        Period: Per 6 week course

Player Development Centres (PDC) is part of the new Player Pathway, which has been created by Tecnico Coaching’s approach and the aim is to help with the development of players between the ages of 5 – 16. Training takes place during term time on an evening and players are expected to move through the Development Centre and to progress onto our Academy.

Holiday Sports Programme

We are looking for Potential sponsors/partners with an interest in helping children to live a healthy and active lifestyle and to make a difference by helping us to help others

We acknowledge the important role we can play in helping to not only promote healthy participation in sport but in also helping to address some of the wider social, safety and general community issues which we all now encounter in everyday life. The sponsorship will enables us to deliver a comprehensive community programme and allows us to work with some of the more disadvantaged individuals and communities.

Schools Sports Sponsor

Agreed Package:             Minimum:  £200             Period: 6 weeks

This programme is designed to encourage children to try new sports and activities and enable schools to develop sustainable sports clubs that provide a variety of high quality sport before and after school and during lunchtime. The best part is because it is sponsored by local businesses like yourselves, it’s absolutely free for the children to attend Tecnico Coaching run clubs to teach children all kinds of sports, this particular club would run for 6 weeks and to contribute towards people feeling happier about themselves and the community in which they live.

Saturday Morning Football Development Sponsor

Agreed Package:             Minimum:  £2,000                        Period: One Year

The Saturday morning football development is aimed at introducing boys and girls to football from 4 ½ to 10 years of age and has allowed progression to under 7’s non-competitive football for boys and girls. Any support will provide balls, bibs, cones and training equipment.

Player Sponsorship

Agreed Package:             Minimum:  £600                        Period: One Season

An individual player sponsorship is a great way of getting your company noticed, whilst developing a lasting relationship with a potential Premier League star of the future.

Automotive Sponsors

A corporate branded vehicle sponsor to represent your company image, get the word out through a relationship with Tecnico Coaching who would be passionate about letting the world know about your company by having the vehicle out in public, on the road covering 25,000 miles per year, at the training venues and competing in matches that will bring exposure and seen by hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

Youth Team Sponsor

Tecnico Coaching is expanding their Youth Football Setup with Botley Village F.C. to eight teams all playing in leagues at separate levels. Sponsoring one of teams will make a real difference.

Agreed Package:             Minimum:  £1000 per Team                  Period: 3 Years

To be allocated as follows:

  • Year: One                                    £500.00
  • Year: Two                                    £250.00
  • Year: Three                                 £250.00

Year: 1                  Team may purchase training / warm up shirts/Tracksuits to carry the Sponsors name.

Year: 2                 Rain jackets, boot bags.

Year: 3                 Training equipment and match day footballs will be purchased.

Advertising Banner

Agreed Package:                                    Minimum: £400    


Period: 3 Years

To be allocated as follows:

  • Year: One                                     £400.00
  • Year: Two                                    £250.00
  • Year: Three                                 £100.00

Year: 1                   We will construct a pop up banner advertising your company and one will be will be taken to training sessions and each of the relevant teams games.

Year: 2                  Team may purchase training equipment

Year: 3                  Training and match day footballs will be purchased.

Web-Only Sponsorship

Agreed Package:                                    Minimum: £250  


Period: per year

To be allocated as follows:

Your logo displayed on Tecnico Coaching Website Home Page with an editorial included about your company on our dedicated sponsors page plus, of course, links to your own website.

Closing Message

Potential sponsors/partners will gain all the benefits that come with being associated with Tecnico Coaching who have a well-established and respected community programme.

Your support will enable us to increase this and give something back to people in your community.  However it is not all about financial support.  If you feel that you or your company may be able to support the development through other means (expertise, training, staff volunteering time, etc) then we would also be very pleased to hear from you.

If you would like to work with us to make a positive difference then contact us now

Tecnico Coaching would like to thank you for taking the time to read our proposal. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future to establish a long and mutually beneficial relationship between Tecnico Coaching, yourself and your business.

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