Club Partnership

Club Partnership

Tecnico Coaching prides itself on supporting the development of local grass roots football by working together with clubs. Tecnico Coaching have established recognised club partnerships with chartered standard clubs for the benefit of their teams.

We coach mini soccer league teams and all the way through to under 18’s, with our coaches adapting their approach and coaching style accordingly. Each club partnership is bespoke & programmes can be constructed to fit with the specific needs of a club, team. Each element of the programme is designed to the requirements which clubs want to cover.

Sessions are normally from 60 minutes in duration & can roll up into as many sessions as each club requires, running over a number of weeks, months or in some cases during a whole season.

Tecnico Coaching staff observes your team in action & your style/approach to game management to provide a deeper insight into your approach to the game.

Club partnerships have been proven to mobilise whole clubs across all of their age groups, contributing towards clubs gaining their FA recognised Chartered Standard.

Tecnico Coaching ensure a professional approach and attitude from all of our coaches and this benefits your club.

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