Our Academy sessions are specifically designed for committed players who want to develop and aspire to make the step from grassroots football and our elite younger players or older players who collectively have consistently demonstrated the right level of capability to benefit from coaching techniques relevant to the Tecnico approach and play regular football to a high standard at local junior clubs or professional academies. We believe every player will benefit from being a part of the Tecnico Coaching irrespective of whether or not they progress into a professional club.

Our sessions are based around the technical development of players through conventional football techniques and with the game of Futsal. This game is such an important part of a young player’s (5-16 year olds) development and progression of technical ability alongside an improved reading & understanding of the game

Why have so many players, widely admired within the game, credited playing futsal?

Let’s now have a look at some of the qualities that playing futsal can develop in a young player;

  1. Ball retention – possession is key in futsal. Players need to be able to keep the ball using good technique and movement
  2. Quick playthe small playing area forces quick play. This again requires good technique and movement
  3. Passing futsal develops quick, accurate passing – no margin for error
  4. Skillful play futsal encourages skillful play, either to retain possession or to create a shooting opportunity
  5. Confined spaces everything happens much quicker and there is less margin for error
  6. Tactical awareness futsal is a “whole-team” game. Each player needs to be aware of their own responsibilities
  7. Skill acquisition the increased number of touches on the ball accelerates the learning process
  8. Movements with and without the ball increase significantly in futsal

All of these qualities are transferable to the 11-a-side game.

Each session focuses on the different components that contribute to building the complete player, ensuring that content is engaging & reflective of the challenges of the modern day game. With excellent coaching, a nurturing environment and as part of a person-centered approach, futsal can and will have a significant impact on the development of young footballers in this country. It’s not just a case of using a different ball.

Vic Hermans, former Netherlands futsal international and FIFA futsal coach says, “Futsal is the basic for the development of a football player.”

Hank Steinbrecher, former Secretary General of U.S. Soccer and current member of U.S. Futsal’s National Board of Directors also states that, “For those who know the game and have coached it, futsal is infinitely better preparation for the outdoor game…futsal really does teach a higher level of skill than whacking the ball off the wall.”

Tecnico Coaching believe in futsal and the impact it can have on a player’s development and is a core stepping stone for players to progress to trials with professional academy set-ups and to recommend & initiate trials for players showing the potential to demonstrate their talents.

Coaching techniques are structured & designed specifically to enable a player to grow in stature, building upon the Tecnico approach of being comfortable & confident in possession alongside being able to make the right decisions when the situation arises.



Our sessions are charged monthly in advanced at just £35 per month via standing order and are based on 44 weeks of the year.


We have our official Nike training kit which can be bought from this website.


To join us at Tecnico coaching, sessions must be pre booked in advanced by calling us on 01489 896 867 / 07979 803 484 or email:

Academy Sessions


Crestwood College, Shakespeare Road, Eastleigh SO50 4FZ
Age 8 – 15+
6:00 – 8:00pm

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