Birthday Party Hints & Tips

Birthday Party Hints & Tips

Based on our extensive experience, please find below some helpful hints and tips you may find useful to help you plan the perfect party.

1. Choose your venue wisely

If you are inviting the whole class your lounge may be a little restricted. Local village halls can be quite reasonably priced to hire and have plenty of room to have fun.

2. Ensure you have enough helpers for the day.

Remember, the more children you invite the more supervision you will need. Don’t try to be super mum or super dad, the more helpers you have the easier it will be for you. So call up the troops, grand parents, uncles and aunties all will be happy to help!!!

We recommend one helper for every three children under 5 yrs, one helper for every five children 5 to 8 yrs, one helper for every seven children over 8 yrs.

3. Be prepared

Planning before the big day is a winner for everyone, especially the birthday child.

Ensure all parents are aware that it will be a physical fun party so suitable clothing and footwear is required.

4. Games should be fun

We don’t play any games that eliminate children, they are all here to have fun and that’s the way we like it. If children choose to sit, out we can provide colouring activities, to keep them occupied. Colouring activities Dot to Dot etc for the Little-Strikers

5. Food

Parents know what their children like/don’t like.  Simple and colourful food for the children, and leave the cakes and sweets until the end as children won’t eat their sandwiches if a big cake is also on show!

6. Duration (1hrs party time for under 5s, 2hrs party time for over 5s)

The party games are provided by Tecnico Coaching, please allow enough time for food, birthday cake and photographs.

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